Leading-edge eProcurement technology and performance

Our commitment to innovation and our single-minded focus on eProcurement has made our technology world-beating. We have taken our eProcurement technology far beyond the limits of a mere document exchange system. As a result our solutions outperform everything else that’s available.

Patented, tamper-evident security

Our internationally patented Secure Bid Process™ is the most secure solution currently available, and exceeds all the security requirements of government and public sector tendering worldwide. Uniquely, it makes our eProcurement processes ‘tamper-evident’. No one can open or alter a bid after submission without leaving behind an electronic fingerprint. Hacking, unauthorized access, collusion between vendors, or buyer irregularities (e.g. the buyer prematurely opens a bid) will be immediately evident to all the parties involved. Competing systems do not provide this level of security.

Advanced encryption

Our patented security management system – Key Manager™ – gets around the limitations of standard encryption, where access rights can’t be reassigned if the intended recipient is unavailable. We do this in an ingenious, fully secure and compliant manner.

Data-centric architecture

Our data-centric architecture stores bid responses as data, rather than documents, bringing important benefits. Previous tender content can be re-used, saving time, effort and money. Bid evaluation can be automated for quick and easy review.

Data-centricity also enables interoperability with other systems, so for instance historical estimated data can be imported; tenders awarded can be pushed into estimating systems; and tenders can be integrated with estimating engines.

Data-centric architecture also maximises the granularity of detail that can go into a Management Information Systems, which can therefore yield much more powerful analysis and insight.

Compliant with international procurement standards

Our eProcurement technology is compliant with worldwide eProcurement standards and requirements.

  • Fully compliant with EU Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC, and EU bid data security regulations
  • Compliant with Indian Information Technology Act 2000, and the Indian Government’s Central Vigilance Committee’s (CVC) guidelines and General Financial Rules (GFR)
  • Security tested and certified for functionalities by the Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification Directorate (STQC) of the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India (equivalent to UK Government’s Business Impact Level (IL) Technical Risk Assessment standards)
  • United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) compliant, plus UN/CEFACT has appointed Nextenders as Project Manager in charge of establishing eProcurement security standards within its framework. Nextenders is also involved in the development of a new worldwide standard for eTendering based on an eBXML schema, which has been ratified by UN/CEFACT member-states.
  • Assessed and approved by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank
  • Complies with Electronic Procurement methods of multilateral development banks
  • ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Intel certified
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